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Email: reservations@ubrestaurant.co.za
Tel: +27 (0)21 433 1442

Shop 1
Winston Place
65 Main Road

8 Years after the opening of celebrated La Mouette Restaurant comes the birth of Upper Bloem – a new quintessentially Cape Town restaurant with a unique approach to offering a terroir experience in an urban environment. While both restaurants have chef patron Henry Vigar in common, a young exceptional Cape Town local holds the reigns at Upper Bloem.

Rising star Andre Hill joined the La Mouette team as a sous-chef in 2013 and impressed Vigar to such an extent that he was invited in 2017 to co-create and subsequently co-own Upper Bloem.

Offering a selection of small plates comprising seasonal fare, Upper Bloem’s terroir approach extends beyond simply using local produce, it creatively refers to the uniqueness of Cape Town and draws inspiration from the port city’s mix of cultures and the influence that the confluence of people has had on local cuisine.

While Vigar and Hill come from vastly different backgrounds, they agree that this difference is the very thing that makes their culinary co-creations so interesting. Diners can expect to see modern techniques being applied to old favourites; a fine dining experience in a relaxed setting and a delectable journey of sharing plates reminiscent of the feeling of ‘home’.